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The committee meets each month on the second Tuesday, 7.30pm at the Fern Tree Community Centre. Please join us, and look for our regular events and Annual General Meeting!!

FTCA Newsletter March 2019
See the latest newsletter for local news and information on bushfire safety, ongoing park redevelopment, upcoming and past FTCA events, and much more.

The Community Association is seeking assistance with the production of the newsletter, if this interests you please contact us directly or by email at


Annual General Meeting 2019

Please note the the Fern Tree Community Association AGM is 17 April, Wednesday 7.30 pm at the community centre.

AGM April 2019


Fern Tree Park Upgrade

The Fern Tree Park Upgrade is proceeding from March 2019. The Hobart City Council website provides details and includes Council’s recent decision to proceed with the project and toilet/combined bus shelter on the bus shelter site.

Council website on park upgrade

Fern Tree Park Upgrade 2019

Council would like your opinions on the cladding of the new toilet block / bus stop at the Fern Tree Park. Please visit this website to Have Your Say! The page includes designs for the new park on the City of Hobart's project page.


Proposed fuel breaks

The Hobart City Council is undertaking long needed fuel reduction activities around Fern Tree. The following links provide further information, including important links to fuel reduction plans.

Council website on bushfire risk
Links to bushfire information
Planned fuel breaks work for Fern Tree


Sunday Afternoon Market at the Tavern

Fern Tree market every first Sunday of the month.

Fern Tree Tavern Market


Bushfire Ready Neighbours

Hobart City Council is participating in local bushfire-ready meetings with the Fern Tree community and Fire Brigade. John Fisher is the Program leader of the Fire management unit at Council and provided this presentation for several neighbourhood groups.

City of Hobart Bushfire Risk Management


Fern Tree Bushcare Weed Booklet

Fern Tree Bushcare Group have published a new edition of the Fern Tree Weed Booklet which you can download here, or if you would like a hard copy email bushcare@ferntree.tas.au and we will deliver one. There are 10 additional weeds added to the booklet, making 30 in all that we really don't want to see getting a hold in Fern Tree or on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

Download The Fern Tree Weed Booklet


Bushcare Fern Tree

Second Sunday each month Feb-Nov, 10am-12:30pm
Fern Tree Bushcare Program 2019

Also See the Weed Alert! page for more information.


Wednesdays, 9:30am - 11.30am

At the Fern Tree Community Centre, contact Noella - 0423 384 719.

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