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URGENT: COVID-19 Coronavirus advice :
Please refer to Australian health alert on the Coronavirus-2019.

Further local Hobart city council updates COVID 19 information.

For the forseeable future, ALL community events and services are postponed.

This includes all activities previously advertised by hall hirers, and in the March 2020 newsletter.

The following advice is provided for Fern Tree residents and visitors.

Dear all,
I apologise for adding to your load of messages about Coronavirus. But I wanted to share my perspective as a local GP.

You will all be aware of advice about hand hygiene, social distancing and so on. I have attached the latest Tasmanian Government advice about Coronavirus. I believe that NOW is the time to take this advice seriously, especially regarding social distancing. Now is the time to avoid all unnecessary movement in public.

This is a good time for us to consider who in our area is older, or lives alone. It would be good if we can all think about how we can look after each other in the coming weeks and months. This might include phone calls or emails to check on others, or food deliveries, etc.

I know that our Fern Tree community has worked together well, especially thanks to our local Bushfire Ready Neighbour Group convenors. I hope we can all continue to work together as a community in what may be a tough time ahead.

Best wishes, (name removed), GP.
The committee meets each month on the second Tuesday, 7.30pm at the Fern Tree Community Centre. Please join us, and look for our regular events!!

FTCA Newsletter March 2020
See the latest newsletter for local news and information on upcoming and past FTCA events.

The FTCA is seeking expressions of interest in two important FTCA positions - Treasurer and Newsletter Editor. These positions are now vacant and the Committee welcomes enquiries from Fern Tree residents who might be willing to offer their skills and a small amount of time in the interest of the community. Committee meetings occur monthly and the newsletter comes out just 3 or 4 times a year. For further information on both positions please see the newsletter.

Fern Tree Bushcare Weed Booklet

Fern Tree Bushcare Group have published a new edition of the Fern Tree Weed Booklet which you can download here, or if you would like a hard copy email bushcare@ferntree.tas.au and we will deliver one. There are 10 additional weeds added to the booklet, making 30 in all that we really don't want to see getting a hold in Fern Tree or on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

Download The Fern Tree Weed Booklet


Bushcare Fern Tree


Second Sunday each month Feb-Nov, 10am-12:30pm
Fern Tree Bushcare Program 2020

Also See the Weed Alert! page for more information.

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