Dr Heidi Auman

Are you having a difficult time communicating your message to the world?  Perhaps you are not comfortable speaking in front of an audience or your presentations are not as engaging as they could be.  Do you get tongue tied when interviewed by the media?  Are your reports and papers in need of that extra shine?  No time to design a conference poster? 

Dr Heidi Auman can help make YOU shine with a comprehensive array of services:

  • Designing presentations and conference posters
  • Coaching oral presentations
  • Conveying information to the media; development of sound bites
  • Development of educational tools for public; community outreach
  • Specialist education and expertise relating to birds
  • Report writing (including species assessments, literature reviews)
  • Preparation of articles in magazines, newsletters, company manuals and brochures
  • Writing summaries and abstracts
  • Technical review and editing (British, Australian and American English)

Please email info@heidiauman.com , see www.heidiauman.com or call 0427398853 for more information.

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