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  Irene Schaffer contacted us recenly looking for invormation on the Girl Guides camp.

...I am an Historian and in this roll I have been asked to research for the Guide Movement a property on the Huon Road.


I have found that the place I am looking for was a Girl Guide camp built in the late 1920s as a place (it might prove to be the first camp site in Tasmania)  for guides to train at. I have found that the land was given to them in the late 1920s and was used for camps until about the middle of the 1950s...

Any snibits of information, contact Irene:



 ED    I've been told by a previous owner of 841a Huon Rd (just past bus stop 31, RHS) that they used to live in a house once owned by the Girl Guides--it was vertical board and quite basic. They saw it burn down in the BlackTuesday bushfires of 1967.



Where was the Bower Hall?

In the 1950s the Tagg sisters from Ridgeway used to set off in their T-Model Ford utility with a singing group and go to the local halls onSaturday evenings. In a conversation with the sisters in 2002, they said the Bower Hall was at the bottom of Browns Road. Though some kilometres from the Fern Tree Bower, the hall was used, amongst other things to farewell soldiers to WWI and was presumably burned down in the 1967 bushfire.

Since the Bower was washed away by floods in the early 1960s the name has become less specific. In the 1970s I remember that the buses toFern Tree would have either ‘Fern Tree' or ‘Fern Tree Bower' on the front, depending where they turned around. There is a bus turning circle at the bottom of Browns road, which I think used to be the end of the run; alternatively they would turn around at Fern Tree. As I got off before both of these stops I can't tell you which stop the Metro (or the MTT as it was referred to then) considered Fern Tree Bower...


Any historical accounts or anecdotes are welcome and can be emailed to:


Dear Website Manager,

The Bower Hall was one of two halls that used to exist in Fern Tree, both destroyed by the Tuesday 7 February, 1967 bushfires.

The Bower Hall was on a small triangle of land between Huon Rd and Browns Rd, just past the old MTT bus turning circle at Bus Stop 30 on Huon Rd.

The other was the St Raphael's Church Hall at 5 Summerleas Rd, [now private land] just north of what was then Street's shop at 7 Summerleas Rd [now the fire station drill yard].

The other "public" buildings in Fern Tree at the time, also destroyed by the bushfires, were the Fern Tree Kindergarten located at the top of Westringa Rd near the present playground. 

As part of the post bushfire reconstruction there was a consolidation of public facilities into the area at the junction of Huon and Summerleas Rds. This involved the abandonment of the previous halls and kindergarten sites above and the construction of Stephenson Place to accommodate most of the new public facilities, i.e., the water treatment plant, the shop, the combined kindergarten/community hall [now the Fern Tree CommunityCentre] and the Church Hall [now a private residence above the community centre].

The old fire station destroyed by the bushfires, on the site of the present shop, was replaced by the current fire station at 9 Summerleas Rd.



There are some ruins including a septic tank on private land just above this triangle of land Terry mentions--this may be from the old Bower Hall...ED 




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