Master Plan for Fern Tree Park

7 Nov 14

Inspiring Place Pty. Ltd. have been appointed as consultants to prepare a Master Plan for the Fern Tree Park, encompassing the Fern Tree Bower, Silver Falls, Fern Glade Entrance and the Pipeline Track, on behalf of the Wellington Park Management Trust and the HCC. 

On Wednesday 5th November they led a "Walk and Talk" (in drizzly weather) to which about 25 Fern Tree residents came to give their views on what might happen.

Some of the conments and suggestions  were:

  • New toilet block, either in good quality stone, or timber in the traditional form
  • Should new buildings be built to withstand bushfire, or built to burn down?
  • Is the current siting of the toilet block the best position (or could be near the work shed near the church?
  • Possible picnic shelter at the Bower
  • Footpath on road between Quarry Car Park and Fern Tree Park
  • Lower speed limit between Pillinger Drive and Summerleas Rd
  • Redesign of Quarry Car Park to increase capacity and improve exit (bad visibility)
  • Removal of (little used and ugly) shelter at Quarry Car Park
  • Better crossing point opposite the Tavern
  • New play equipment, possibly in subdued colours rather than bright colours
  • New  barbecues (probably electric as Council policy is to remove wood fired barbecues)
  • New footbridge immediately below Silver Falls
  • Possible new walking track from Silver Falls to return to Fern Tree Park on easy  grade to create easy circuit walk
  • Better access into Fern Tree Park for disabled people, prams, bicycles etc.
  • Fence off play area with childproof gate
  • Layout of current play area with picnic tables in middle and play facilities spread out around them is good and should be retained

According to the consultants there is no actual budget proposed, and part of their brief will be to prioritse spending. After they have written their report the Plan will go to both the Mt Wellington Management Trust and Hobart City Council, and will eventually go through the normal planning process when people can make formal comments. However, the consultants are keen to get as many local views as possible to incorporate into the Plan from the start.

If you couldn't make it on Wednesday you can make your views known by sending an email to or by calling John Hepper or Jerry de Gryse on 62311818. (By the end of November please).

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