New Committee and AGM report

2 May 15

The FTCA has a new President and Committe following the AGM held on Wednesday 29th April 2015. Our thanks go to Una Harbinson who has been President for the past two years and other committee members. We welcome two new members. The new Committee is as follows:

President: Eric Cave

Vice Presidents: Una Harbinson and Ray Murphy

Secretary: Toby Rowallan

Treasurer: Dave Roberts


Rebecca Johnson

Michael Sumner

Rob Beedham

Catherine Franks

Clive Calver

Karen Dedenczuk

Laurel Trebilco

Bruce Dudman

and a playgroup representative


After the AGM Dr Lisa Cawthen gave a fascinating talk about the bats of Fern Tree. A few years ago some residents will remember "Batwoman" setting up traps and other recording devices on the Pipeline Track and other locations as part of her doctoral research into bats. Fern Tree, it appears, is home to all six species of Tasmanian bat, including the rare Tasmanian Long Eared Bat. The message is, don't cut down old trees with hollows as they are all habitat for bats, sometimes as many as two hundred bats in a single roost. And as bats are insectivorous they are an important controlling factor in keeping mosquitoes and other insects at bearable levels. So you might not see bats very often, but they are certainly there!

For more information about bats go to:

Tasmanian Long Eared Bat

Tasmanian Long Eared Bat


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