The Community

Living in a suburb of Hobart, the people of Fern Tree have a greater sense of community than most suburban dwellers. We know where Ferntree starts and ends and those geographical boundaries contribute to our sense of belonging.  Community however is first and foremost a social group, sharing values and a cultural and historical heritage. 
The Fern Tree Community Website has been created for a number of reasons, including the opportunities it will give to enhance awareness of Fern Tree's cultural and historical heritage and to provide a tool which has the potential to provide a greater connection between those who live up here.
As this part of the website is developed, we will look at the history of the people, the buildings and the events that have contributed to Fern Tree in the 21st Century.
We will examine the role of the Fern Tree Community Association and provide information about the community's main physical asset, the Fern Tree Community Centre.   

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