French Lessons in Hobart - Murielle Kuczynski


My name is Murielle and I'm an experienced French tutor and I work for Adult Education (more information about the offered classes at this address). I also do tuition with adult learners (individual and groups) and Grade 10 to 12, International Baccalaureat and Uni students and I organise Saturday mornings' workshops for advanced students and Australian school French teachers.

I'm a French native from Lorraine (a region famous for its quiche lorraine) who moved to Tasmania in 2005. I enjoy teaching French to share my native language as well as the culture of my native country. And learning a language is so much more than just vocabulary and grammar!

Fluent in English, I also know German (my first foreign language at school), Spanish and the basics of Polish.

I work with students of all abilities and have a proven track record of results (exams and competitions) and excellent references.

I can assist you with both your written and spoken skills, whether it's to sit an exam, enter a competition or to prepare a trip to France. I tailor my lessons to the individual needs of each student or group, using up to date French teaching publications, books and magazines. I drew on my experience of learning Australian and apply it to my teaching of French in a fun way.

Just make an enquiry at and I'm sure we'll find a format that suits you!

À bientôt !

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