Michèle Meffre - Tasmanie Voyage

Michele Meffre works as a travel facilitator, predominantly for French-speaking tourists, although her services are available to all. She runs personalised guided tours and interpretive trips to all areas of the State, as well as providing general travel advice and assistance including airport pickups. Michele can offer good prices on car hire and hotel accommodation and can also arrange for guests to stay at her Fern Tree home. For more details on Michele’s business, see her website. www.tasmanievoyage.com

Phone : +61 (0)3 62 39 16 36 - Mobile : 04 09 39 16 36

Tasmanie Voyage Agence de voyage créée par Michèle Meffre -  organisation de séjours francophones en Tasmanie – Auto-tour ou tours guidés, location de voiture ou camping car – réservation d’hébergement voir notre site : www.tasmanievoyage.com


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