Community Centre Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Kitchen

The kitchen is fully furnished including at least 60 sets of glasses, plates, cutlery and mugs, as well as many extra serving items. We encourage hall hirers to NOT buy disposable cups, plates or cutlery, and to use the washables and dishwasher provided.

If you have a strong preference for disposables, please use the unused plastic cups, plates and cutlery that have been left behind in our kitchen, rather than buying new disposables. Thank you.


  • Where do I collect and return the keys?

The keys are in a key safe which is mounted on the frame of the window under the back verandah close to the main entry door and is illuminated by the movement operated light under the back verandah. The code for the key safe will be emailed to you shortly before your booking. The code is changed frequently. Please make sure you return the keys to the key safe after locking up (you will need to enter the code again to close the key safe).


  • Can I inspect the Community Centre in advance to make sure it is suitable for my event?

Yes. Check the Booking Diary to make sure no one is using the centre. You can ask for the keys at the Tavern after 11:30am.

  • What are the permitted uses of the Fern Tree Community Centre?

Permitted uses are listed in the Terms and Conditions of Hire (download).

  • How many tables and chairs are there?

There are 12 folding tables seating 3 on each side and about 65 stacking chairs. There are also 6 lounge chairs and 3 coffee tables, usually on the stage area.

  • Are cups and plates provided? What other facilities are provided?

Yes. There are cups, mugs, plates, bowls, dishes, cutlery and wine glasses provided. You are responsible for washing, drying and putting them away after use. There is a dishwasher and detergent provided but the dishwasher is fairly slow. There is also a refridgerator, an electric urn, a microwave, an electric jug and a small electric stove with 4 hot plates, oven and grill.

  • Are tea towels provided?

Yes. But we ask you to ensure that they are washed and returned clean after use. There are also tablecloths available; these should also be washed and returned clean after use. Alternatively you can bring your own.

  • How is the hall heated?

We have recently upgraded the heating to allow for year-round use. Eight high-powered electric radiant heaters have been installed at ceiling level. The heaters can be switched to the high power setting for 30 minutes, after which they will revert to low power to maintain heat. They will switch off automatically after 4 hours. There are also two fans which should be used to circulate warm air downwards. When the room has warmed the heaters should be switched off.  Please make sure the heaters and fans are off when you leave.

  • Does the hall have facilities for the disabled?

There is level access from the car park via the double gates. There is a disabled access toilet.

  • Is there a whiteboard?

Yes, there is a small whiteboard available. You must provide your own whiteboard markers and eraser. Please do not use permanent markers.

  • Is there a screen and projection equipment?

No, you must bring your own. There are roller blinds on all windows to enable projection equipment to be used in daytime.

  • Is there an internet connection?

No. Nor is there a telephone.

  • Is the hall suitable for dancing?

The hall is carpeted and may not be suitable for some types of dancing.

  • How many people does the hall hold?
100 persons maximum.
  • Can we sell alcohol at our event?

The hirer is fully responsible for obtaining a license to sell alcohol.

  • What about insurance? Are we covered for public liability?

No. You are fully responsible for obtaining your own public liability insurance. Any groups or organisations using the Community Centre on a regular basis must have public liability insurance; private individuals may be covered under their home and contents policies; any caterers who may be employed must have public liability insurance.

  • What about booking and payment?

Go to Community Centre Hire Rates .

  •  I need a receipt for hire fees?

You can request a formal receipt on the booking form. It will normally be provided when the bond is returned.

  • When do I get my bond back?

The bond will normally be returned in the form of a cheque by mail subject to inspection of the Community Centre following the event.

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